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Ms. · Raven

Nacrolepsy, normalized

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Melancholy Strengths

The Melancholy's Emotions
Deep and thoughtful
Serious and purposeful
Genius prone
Talented and creative
Artistic or musical
Philosophical and poetic
appreciative of beauty
Sensitive to others

The Melancholy As A Parent
Sets high standards
Wants everything done right
Keeps home in good order
Picks up after children
Sacrifices own will for others
Encourages scholarship and talent

The Melancholy At Work
Schedule oriented
Perfectionist, high standards
Detail conscious
Persistent and thorough
Orderly and organized
Neat and tidy
Sees the problems
Finds creative solutions
Needs to finish what he starts
Likes charts, graphs, figures, lists

The Melancholy As a Friend
Makes friends cautiously
Content to stay in background
Avoids causing attention
Faithful and devoted
Will listen to complaints
Can solve other's problems
Deep concern for other people
Moved to tears with compassion
Seeks ideal mate

Melancholy Weaknesses

The Melancholy's Emotions
Remembers the negatives
Moody and depressed
Enjoys being hurt
Has false humility
Off in another world
Low self-image
Has selective hearing
Too introspective
Guilt feelings
Persecution complex
Tends to hypochondria

The Melancholy As A Parent
Puts goals beyond reach
May discourage children
May be too meticulous
Becomes martyr
Sulks over disagreements
Puts guilt upon children

The Melancholy At Work
Not people oriented
depressed over imperfections
Chooses difficult work
Hesitant to start projects
Spends to much time planning
Prefers analysis to work
Hard to please
Standards often to high
Deep need for approval

The Melancholy As a Friend
Lives through others
Insecure socially
Withdrawn and remote
critical of others
Holds back affections
Dislikes those in opposition
Suspicious of people
Antagonistic and vengeful
Full of contradictions
Skeptical of compliments


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computer room
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depressed depressed
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I cut my hair. It's much shorter now and some would say isn't characteristic of me.

A guy comes to the restaurant pretty often, named Mr. Curry. He's a cute old man that gets a cup of soup, a half sandwich, and a dessert, in that order. He's constantly reading his stock reports and has a voice so soft, even I have trouble hearing him.

I'm lonely.

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dengue fever
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There is a couch on the side of the road, upturned, right near my house. Some drunken lazy rednecks probably left it there, like they left some rotting fish further down . I want to turn it over and take pictures on it. Then, I'll go down the road and fart around in an old family graveyard/barn/garage.

I also want to get a melfina haircut, or a cheza haircut, or hell, even a nami haircut. I'm bored with my hair long. It looks like yoko ono. Would shorter hair look OK on me, even?

I'm already pondering my haloween costume. I'm scaring myself.

Eventually, I will meet a korean boy, either in Busan or in Atlanta. Preferably Busan. Poor thing just had the korean version of the SAT. I constantly want to give him a hug.

Vermont is great. I want to have a farmhouse around Burlington. Coastal Maine is OK as well.


glee deserves all time.

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my room
feeling in my veins: :
calm calm
Echoing in my mind: :
Hard time killin floor blues--skip frye
* * *
Happy Birthday, Paola, Jessie, Portia and Paul McCartney. You are awesome. And Paul McCartney, you are 64. Great for you. And at last, Jessie can see an R-rated movie in theaters by herself.

I love you all.
And miss you.

The world cup is great. Watch it.


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calm calm
Echoing in my mind: :
world cup
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I've recently had a need to hug asian businessmen. I don't know why, but I think it's because they're all so cute. Especially when they give each other gifts and pour each other beer.

So far, I've made about $30 in tips at my job at Circa 1930. I'm excited. I'll be rich soon. The food there's actually not bad. It makes me happy. I get feta cheese and olives everyday. Which makes me even happier. Having a job isn't bad. It gives me something to do.

My computer's being fixed in Atlanta. Wee. And my iPod is finally working again.

The world's just a swingin' my way.


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mum's study
feeling in my veins: :
happy happy
Echoing in my mind: :
BBC news music
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I have a mounting suspicion that my play is the shittiest thing this side of mcshittersonville. I feel so nervous that Cynie will kill it. And say never to continue. She'll be mad at me. God help me. That, and I have my spanish quiz and my precal exam tomorrow. Back to back (to back!)!

Someone get me through tomorrow.

Current Location:
dorm room
feeling in my veins: :
nervous nervous
Echoing in my mind: :
Po' Lazarus--James Carter
* * *
So, yes. Silent Hill. Really creepy. I convulsed throughout the whole thing.

We came out of it (after a breif blackout at the end) in the middle of a thunderstorm. I thought there would be a tornado and that it would toss us all like a pillow to the other side of a a bed. I freaked the hell out. On the way back, I imagined the bus's top being ripped off like a can of kippers and the racks just falling. I also talked to Sagan about the most awesome MacBeath adaptation ever, with Sadako, the woman from the grudge, and the little demon girl from silent hill as the wierd sisters. At school, I imagined what it would be like if the GS was a horror video game--zombies rising from the storm drains, the school filled like a sewer of blood, the snakes in the grass mutating into basilisks, The five jumping platforms in front of the library offices turned into five precipice columns. The VA basement as a dungeon. The screams of a little girl far off didn't help this. Needless to say, running go this out of my system. Mostly.

I had a race at greer this morning. It was about a mile short and I went at about a 7:15 mile pace throughout. I couldn't sleep well. With all the thunderstorms outside, pondering about what I'd take with me in a tornado or fire (that being my mother's raku pot, the stuffed animals in my room, my teapot and pitcher, and my computer), it took me a while to sleep again. So I had little breakfast, no warmup, and little water before the race. Hence, I did pretty bad and felt weak after mile 1.5.

After the first half-hour at artisphere, I felt like a zombie. Cutting, tracing, stapling, punching, stringing in Japan, cutting and puching and bradding in Indonesia, stapling, filling, and lacing ribbon in mexico. I didn't want to eat anything. The enthusiasm tired me out. Being in kindergarten is more difficult than it seems. I didn't realize how much I sweat. I only took a real break while helping at Mexico to get some water. I didn't realize how much time passed. I got two heart things, but lost them.

At 7:20, I went to get Sushi by myself. Everyone else had already eaten. And I felt like Miso Soup and Seaweed Salad. Wasabi had the midori roll today (avocado roll topped with seaweed salad). It was awesome. I love seaweed-covered rolls. Seaweed is the best vegetable ever. I saw Cynie and went nuts. Because Cynie calls for that. A college guy was next to me. He stared at me for about ten seconds before I sat down. For the rest of the time it was just awkward.

I came back, luckily disguised by Josh Colbert and Tiffany. As I visited my room for solace, I danced to Swayzak's Speak Easy. I exited to find dancers standing outside my room. They commented on it. They said that they were listening outside my door. I ran away as quickly as tactufully possible. To find...

A party in the Cafeteria (the best ever, btw!) starring: me, temnete, melody, AJ, Cory, his boyfriend, casey, jessica, and posey, with guest appearances by Jack, Natasha, Charles Dempsey, TJ, BJ, Briana, James, Patrick, and Calvin. We were so random. At one point, I hid in the cabinet under the coffeepot. I fit in. wowie. We came back, after that long interlude with water soup, MTV witch burning, rich people jokes, pro-Jessica feelings all around, exploded jam and humans, and a hell of a lot more that I don't remember was exactly but remember that was awesome, pretending that the fireworks were really bombs in an air raid. I love my posey. :) He's great. But F and S are still hawt. <33333333333333333 to all.

Tonight has made me feel so happy.

more &hearts to all

* in the second paragraph, I probably sounded a lot like sagan. *
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dorm room
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sleepy sleepy
Echoing in my mind: :
Swayzak- speak easy
* * *

- Friday Night, I went to a Cuban restaurant with a Hungarian waiter named Ursch (Jack Waddell, where are you?) and old cuban people who can probably dance better than I ever could. Needless to say, my parents made fools out of themselves.
- We have a 100-foot long rental private island. It's cute. Really cute. It has an wild iguana on it. I named the iguana Fred. There was also a manta ray off the side of the dock. I've not seen her enough, so I don't know what to name her. Maybe Mabel.
- Sudoku is really fucking addictive.
- Blazing Saddles is an awesomely funny movie.
- I should review Sleepwalkers soon.
- Running over 2 mile long, straight bridges can get tiresome. Watching the sun set while running alleviates the boring componenet of eternally running straight.

Love y'all. Pictures soon.

feeling in my veins: :
happy happy
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Do you know how to get a coon out of a cheese box?
Echoing in my mind: :
Tainted love (because I suck)
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The anime mindfuck YTMND!
Does anyone know what the music in the background is? If you have it, could you get it for me?
I got my first essay back from George. B+. Is that good or bad?
17 weeks and three days or so of Precal, English, and Spanish 2.
:( Aw...7 1/2 weeks of Creative non. I really really like that class.
Did anyone else besides Sagan sign up for track?
feeling in my veins: :
cheerful cheerful
Echoing in my mind: :
the background of the ytmnd
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